Construction employment in June below pre-pandemic levels

Construction employment in June was below pre-pandemic levels in Louisiana and 17 other states, according to data compiled by Associated General Contractors.

The data, derived from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows there were 131,800 people employed in Louisiana’s construction industry in June, up from 137,300 in February 2020.

The state has gained 4,700 construction workers since June 2021, the data shows. He lost 900 from May to June this year.

The biggest gap was in New York, which had 36,300 fewer construction jobs in June than in February 2020. Pennsylvania and New Jersey followed.

June employment exceeded February 2020 levels in 31 states. Utah added 16,100 jobs, the most of any state, followed by Tennessee and Washington.

“Construction employment has stalled in many states, even though contractors have many projects that need more employees, due to a shortage of skilled workers,” said Ken Simonson, chief economist at association. “Only half of the states saw an increase in construction employment last month.”

Association officials said in a press release that construction demand remained strong, particularly for infrastructure, manufacturing plants and power and energy projects. They warned that projects will face increasing delays unless the pool of workers widens, and said the fastest way to do this is to allow employers to sponsor “born-in-the-mill skilled workers”. abroad” and the government to invest more in vocational training opportunities.

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