Durable Commercial Induction Cooktop With Stainless Steel Housing For Restaurant And Hotel Kitchen


Brand: VONCI
Model: BT270B2.
Easily control power at all levels with a high-performance motherboard.
Easy cooking.
1800W high power rapid heating.
King-size heating coil, surrounding heating.
Magnetic tape with high magnetic permeability.
Bold pure copper choke coil ensures safety.
Imported chip, with moisture-proof and heat-proof functions.
Pure copper cable, three conductors and oil resistant.
1.2mm thick 304 stainless steel case.
Glass plate thickness of 45 mm.

VONCI 1800W/120V Commercial Induction Cooktop, Durable Countertop Burner with Stainless Steel Housing, Professional Induction Cooker with Large LED Display and Knob Control for Restaurant or Hotel.

– Large LED display screen

– IGBT imported from Germany

– One-piece stainless steel bending body

– Easily control the power at all levels, easy cooking

– Heat, wear and shock resistant


The induction cooker uses alternating current to generate an alternating magnetic field with change of direction through the coil.

The eddy current will be generated inside the conductor in an alternating magnetic field. The Joule effect of the eddy current will cause the temperature of the conductor to rise. Thus heating achieved.

Usable pans:

steel or cast iron, enameled iron, stainless steel, flat-bottomed pots/pans with a diameter of 4.7 to 10 inches.

Unusable pans:

Heat resistant glass, ceramic container, copper, aluminum pots/pans. Round-bottomed pots/pans with bottoms less than 4.7 inches.


Related Technical Parameters

Note: Products with electrical outlets are designed for use in the United States. Plugs and voltage vary by country and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

How to use

1) Please place suitable cooking utensils on the induction cooker plate and connect the plug to a suitable socket.

2) After connected, the power indicator lights up, indicating that the power is connected normally. By pressing the on/off button, the heating indicator lights up, indicating that the induction cooker enters the power state is 1200W. Adjust the power rate from 500-1800 level by adjusting the button “+” or “-“.

3) Pressing the temperature button, the Keep temp indicator lights up, indicating the induction cooker enters the temperature-keeping state, the default temperature is 250F, Adjust the temperature from 140F to 460F by turning the “+” or “-” button.

4) By pressing the timer button, adjust the time from 0 minutes to 170 minutes by “+” or “-“. Time is displayed as five minutes in each gear.

5) When you press ON/OFF during the working state, the induction cooker will stop working immediately.

6) After pressing ON/OFF, the induction cooker will automatically shut down if there is no operation within 2 hours.

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