Forest Village residents protest against local construction company hiring practices


Residents of Forest Village, Eerste River, who are looking for work, on Tuesday handed over a petition to a construction company regarding its hiring practices.

The petition was handed over to the management of Power Construction, which is building 800 homes in the area.

Resident and community leader Mlamli Lizo said 60 people have signed the petition to express concerns about the employment of locals in the housing project.

“The community suspects the foreman of making offers to subcontractors outside the area,” he said.

Lizo said locals saw contractors showing up to work on construction sites owned by Power Construction.

“We have heard from people in the area that this is happening. Some people stay close to the sites, watched it unfold.

Residents of Forest Village said they were frustrated that people from outside their area were getting jobs on construction sites.

Lizo said they had engaged with the company over the past two months in an effort to help secure jobs for residents.

“We have a high unemployment rate in the region. So many of us don’t work and they don’t choose us for a job.

He added, “The people of this community should be the ones who benefit from the work in this area. The pandemic has caused many of us to lose our jobs and we need jobs. “

Lizo said they were told they would hear from the company but had not received any progress reports.

“They told us they would get back to us before August 9, but they didn’t. After the long weekend, their HR manager resigned, so we had to continue our communication with a new person.

He added: “Every job opportunity that should be offered to people in the region is given to people outside of it,” he said.

“People in the area could start to vandalize their property and we want to prevent that, which is why we approached Power Construction.”

Power Construction declined to comment.

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