Russell Westbrook is focused on building a business empire

Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers has been going through some tough times over the past few months.

He was traded to Purple and Gold a year ago, and he thought this would be his chance to finally fight for an NBA championship while playing in his hometown.

Instead, the Lakers didn’t even make it to the play-in tournament, and Westbrook was blamed by just about everyone.

However, off the court, just about everyone can agree that the University of California, Los Angeles product is a successful and generous man.

One of the initiatives he has focused on is Russell Westbrook Enterprises, which has been involved in several areas of the business world while helping to give children a strong foundation for future success.

The former league MVP has set his sights when it comes to his business ambitions.

Via Bloomberg:

“Basketball star Russell Westbrook is getting into the digital media business, adding a new division to his business as he enters the advertising industry.

Los Angeles Lakers point guard, who invests and signs partnership deals through his businesses Russell Westbrook, is teaming up with digital marketer Causal IQ to help connect advertisers to multicultural audiences through a new venture called RW Digital .

“RWE is now involved in several business sectors such as real estate, venture capital, insurance, education and the Honor the Gift fashion line, which has collaborated with brands like Nike’s Jordan brand Inc. and the NBA Players Union Westbrook has also been in the media, producing a History Channel documentary that debuted in May.

“‘We’ve kept so many things a secret,'” Westbrook said. “People just see me in the field, but I want to build a business that works properly. I’m locked in all year,” Westbrook said. This is an important thing for me, for my future, for my legacy, for our children.”

“It’s clear that Westbrook has taken full advantage of his position in Los Angeles. Living in such a vibrant and important city has undoubtedly helped expand his empire to a new degree.

“It will be interesting to see how his recent trade decisions play out and (more importantly) what he is able to do on the court for the Lakers next season.”

Of course, the Lakers have been trying to trade Westbrook for a while now. However, even if he is on another team’s roster once training camp begins, one would expect him to continue pouring into the Los Angeles community through his business endeavors.

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