Strivers and Dreamers Build Successful and Sustainable Black-Owned Businesses | New

In recent years, the movement to support black businesses has grown within our communities and digital spaces. To meet this demand, entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity by creating and investing in their own innovative and dynamic Black-owned businesses. Many brands like Hennessy are championing this black ingenuity and business growth by giving back to black entrepreneurs who are making a lasting impact in their communities.

Anthony and Janique Edwards, founders of EatOkra and members of Hennessy’s Never Stop Never Settle Society, are entrepreneurs changing the landscape of mobile apps — specifically, connecting consumers to black-owned restaurants. Janique Edwards, shares, “I fell in love with Black-owned businesses because I understood the community they provide and just the sanctuary and safe space to connect.”

With that understanding, Janique and Anthony created EatOkra, an app that connects people to black-owned restaurants across the country. “We always try to be innovative, to make sure it’s completely holistic, it’s completely for us by us. It is important for us to build something that is unique to us,” says Anthony Edwards.

Hennessy’s Never Stop Never Settle Company provides black entrepreneurs, such as the Edwards, with $50,000 in high-impact funds, access to Never Stop Never Settle headquarters and amenities in New York City, hands-on mentorship from Moet Hennessy leaders and membership in The Gathering Spot Connect—a physical space for community and collaboration. According to Baron Davis, a member of the advisory board of the Never Stop Never Settle Society, which provides mentorship to cohort members, Hennessy champions black excellence. “Hennessy took the lead with the Never Stop Never Settle Society,” shares Davis. “Hennessy has invested in entrepreneurs and invested in their brands.”

George Peters II, entrepreneur and artist, founded Listen TWO Me. Also a member of Hennessy’s Never Stop Never Settle Society, Peters put the skills he developed as a performer to good use, “touring around the world, from stage to appearance, from writing to production, from post-production and makes them available to those business owners and those peers within the black community who deserve to have top production.

Peters, having honed a wide range of skills, through his production company promotes artistic musicality within the black community. He is dedicated to providing people with the opportunity to exhibit their gifts. “Art has flavors, has colors,” says Peters explaining his vision, “you have to respect everything, the most important thing is that when people walk away, they feel.”

Through the Never Stop Never Settle Society, the Edwards have been able to see and be in community with more people like them who are doing amazing work and fighting in the trenches to bring their company to the world.

“Each of us is a building block of the Never Stop Never Settle Society. We have a great opportunity to not only provide for each other, to our left and our right, but also to chart a course for people. coming down behind us,” says Peters.

Hennessy recognizes that a greater effort must be made to provide future generations with a fairer landscape for inclusive business growth and development. For select members, as Peters shared, “having peers and mentors in the same space is just ironing — it’s just sharpening.”

Through the Never Stop Never Settle Society, Hennessy supports wannabes and dreamers who build successful, enduring businesses in the face of adversity.

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