The action of PW Construction Company caused a flood which destroyed the widow’s house in Jos

By Chijioke Kingsley

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – A construction company PW has been accused of constructing and expanding its space on a waterway, leading to the collapse of a building housing a widow and her five children.

The building collapse is the result of heavy rain that fell in Jos on Saturday afternoon, causing some houses to collapse as the water was forced to overflow causing flooding as it tried to find its way path due to lack of adequate drainage.

Speaking after the disaster, a resident told our correspondent how there have been several calls for the construction company to build alternative drainage to facilitate the flow of water.

The resident who does not want his name printed explained how the neighborhood has suffered over the years from blocked drainage by construction company PW.

“All the houses that share a fence with the construction company have all collapsed because PW refused to build drainages. We begged them to build an alternative drainage to allow the water to have its way, but the construction company won’t do anything about it.

“Now, with these heavy rains, buildings, including that of a widow with five children, have been destroyed.

“The widow’s building collapsed and it only took the grace of God for the widow to survive.

“The widow who raised birds lost all her chickens numbering over 200.

“When the neighborhood approaches PW, the soldiers posted at the gate will chase them away,” the resident said.

He wondered how a construction company in the state for more than four decades would not build drainage for its host community, but instead expand its business by relying on existing drainage to keep water out. have his way.

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