When the evening became a nightmare! Japanese city entrepreneur loses personal data of 4.6,000 residents

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Photo: AP

Tokyo: In a shocking development, a private entrepreneur in the Japanese city of Amagasaki has compromised the personal data of 460,000 residents, albeit unwittingly. Reports from Japan indicate that the private data was contained in a USB stick that the entrepreneur carried on a night out.

The evening, however, turned into a nightmare after the entrepreneur lost the USB drive while drunk.

City officials in western Japan did not release the name of the contractor.

According to the details available, the person concerned was temporarily employed for a municipal pandemic relief program. While the person was out for a drink after work, he misplaced the bag containing the USB key on Tuesday evening.

“We deeply regret having deeply damaged public confidence in the city administration,” an Amagasaki official told media.

It was said that the townspeople’s personal information was transferred to the USB drive so that it could be forwarded to a call center in the nearby city of Osaka.

Among the information on the flash drive were the names, genders, addresses, birthdays, and other personal details of everyone in town. In addition, city officials said, the USB also carried tax data and some residents’ bank account information.

However, in what is seen as a major relief, the city said the data on the memory device is encrypted and is also locked with a password.

Officials believe the information does not appear to have been viewed by anyone so far.

The incident has been reported to the police and an investigation is underway to locate the device.

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