Williamston town leaders plan to demolish an old building and may cut a local business with it


WILLIAMSTON, NC (WNCT) – “They want to send someone here with an excavator and demolish the building with no thought or effort going to try to save mine,” Shane Scalpi said.

In downtown Williamston, the old Tarheel apartment building is collapsing and could lead to other businesses.

“We’re rather disappointed that you take one of the first fully renovated buildings on the main street in the city center and just want to bulldoze it 8 months after its completion,” said Scalpi. “It does not mean anything.”

Scalpi owns SS Custom Cycle, an Internet motorcycle parts company. He and his wife moved their business from New York in November 2020 to a site right next to the old Tarheel apartment building. He said he invested $ 150,000 in renovations. He added that he had never been made aware of any problem.

“We’ve done a building inspection on this before,” Scalpi said. “We hired the city’s building inspector. No word was mentioned on the condition of the building next door or that the wall behind me is actually a connecting wall.

“It’s the outer wall of this building, and we didn’t realize it until much later, when we were already here.”

Planning coordinator Zach Dickerson said the group that once owned the building no longer exists and the city does not want it. He examines the quotes of contractors to demolish the condemned building. Since the two buildings share a wall, Dickerson said the motorcycle shop may also have to go down.

“To start a 20 year old business, I now have to ask myself how am I going to survive this and get through all that it is going to take, months of relocation. How can I keep my business running and what should I do? Said Scalpi.

Many townspeople have said they would like the condemned building removed.

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